What is Wu De Hui?

Professor Wong OAM opened Wu De Hui alongside his Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine Australia in 1973.

“Wu” means “martial arts”

“De” means “moral ethics”

“Hui” means “club/academy”

This is symbolic because the martial arts that are taught at Wu De Hui are all about healing, not fighting. Professor Wong always said during the war he “saw enough fighting, now he only wants to help people live a healthy life.”

Now in retirement at age 95, Professor Wong has asked his son, Michael Wong to continue to build the Academy.

The majority of head instructors are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine – you can rest assured you’re in a safe and friendly environment at all times.

We welcome you to come and join a class, try something different and have a cup of tea with us.

Please explore the various classes we hold for more information:

  • Wu Gong (Weds/Sat)
  • Tai Chi (Fri)
  • Kids Wu Gong (Classes on hold)
  • Tang Shou (Classes on hold)
  • Judo (Classes on hold)

Please contact us if you would like to know any more information.